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Applications to consider for Dehumidification:

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Below are brief overview of what our Brands represent for Commercial and Industrial Dehumidification Applications. Allow us to assist you in deciding the best match:


Learn About BRY-AIR

For over 80 years Bry-Air has been a leader in dehumidifying with a silica gel desiccant. As a global company with headquarters in Sunbury OH, Bry-Air offers industrial solutions to bring any amount of air at any inlet down to any humidity level. “0 grains or lower”. Precision can be utilized by modulating the regeneration heat source, bypass dampers or the wheel itself.

Bry-Air, unlike some of their competitors can incorporate the condensing units for Pre-Cool and Post Cool on 1 skid to allow a 1 rig, 1 power connection and zero field refrigeration requirements. The factory offers full DDC controls and Factory direct startup and local support. Skids can also have higher end filtration, primary heat and humidification options as well. 

Regeneration can be achieved by using direct or indirect gas fired  heat, house steam, or  electric Heat.

Need just the “preassembled wheel”? BryAir offers both a complete cartridge component to insert into your AHU or opt for our MiniPac

  • Our DC series allows us to provide a module without the fan to be added to a custom air handler (existing or new).
  • The Mini-Pac is an industry leading off the shelf extremely compact unit utilizing electric regeneration. CFM ranges from 50-1800 cfm with discharge grains as low as 12 (conditions permitting)
  • Our VFB Series (300-30,000 cfm) is built to order with premium features including all welded aluminium construction, vapor proof gasketing, hinged access doors, optional primary heat and filtration, and more.
  • The Bry-Air Eco Dry system takes advantage of variable loads and maximizing energy consumption by varying the wheel speed, regeneration output and supply air flow to reduce the input kw by as much as 45% using its unique algorithms. This system is available on the VFB and DC series.


Learn About Novelaire!

Novelaire builds competitive high quality built to order commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers. des-dx300The desiccant wheel is very efficient and effective at removing moisture from the air. While this approach is associated with highly industrial processes (10 grains, or example 70F,10% RH)), commercial grade is more in the range of 20-40 grains (such as 70F, 40%RH). Units come in small and large sizes and can be recirculating or 100% OA with energy recovery. In some cases these units qualify for NJ energy rebates.

While NovelAire has some electric regeneration units, their power of offering is their DEX/DX Technology! Utilizing a standard refrigeration cycle, the DES/DX technology uses the evaporator coil to precool the air and the warm condensing coil to regenerate the wheel. The result is a single package delivering neutral 40F dewpoint air with unbelievable efficiency. Our DES/DX300 is only 30″x40″ x20″ and can pull 8.5# water per hour. Installation takes just a few hours with 4 flex connections, single phase power connection, drain and humidistat. It has saved the day in Gyms, Labs, Preventing Mold, Warehouses and More. The DES/DX technology is available up to 15000 cfm as a complete packaged unit (again, with winter heat, filtration, etc)

We also can help you in an “Industrial” process requiring greater dehumidification power (10 grains!). In this case, we would steer your project into a more traditional active desiccant with  more robust regeneration. To achieve better dehumidification, we would use a gas heater (direct fired is most common, but indirect is available for class 100 spaces), steam heat, or electric heat. We can provide the package with Pre-cool and/or Post Cool as required.

Again, we can provide just the dehumidifier or an entire HVAC package for all the temperature and humidity control.

the internals of the DES/DX technology using the condenser to regenerate the desiccant wheel

the internals of the DES/DX technology using the condenser to regenerate the desiccant wheel

Remember,  Units can be Spot Dehumidifiers or Complete Packages!

NovelAir Provides Packages Upto 15,000 CFM with optional heat, filtration and more



Off The Shelf & Readily Available Units


Learn About Addison

For systems where  humidity loads is high but the dewpoint is not extreme mechanical dehumidification is likely your best choice.

By using the Cooling Coil to wring the moisture out and allow the warm condenser air to reheat the air to neutral you have a machine that can do cooling and humidification. This is known as Hot-Gas Reheat (learn more)

Addison brings dehumidification to a higher level by using a 2 step approach. The warm condenser liquid going to the TXV fills a coil downstream of the evaporator coil allows a few degrees of reheat which pulls that liquid down a few degrees. Now the liquid hits the TXV at a lower temperature which suppresses the discharge of the evaporator further. The result is better dehumidification as you are discharging dewpoint air with the same compressor power allowing better performance and better efficiency! (read the paragraph again and see the chart below)


Addison’s Premium Dehumidification utilizing a subcooling coil with Modulating Hot-Gas Reheat

Hot Gas Reheat can be on/off or controlled by a modulating valve and a humidistat would force the cooling on and enable the dehumidification cycle.  Modulating HGRH typically has a set drybulb and dewpoint  setting and will modulate to maintain conditions (picture cruise control in your car set at 55 on the rolling hills of the back country. engine and braking would vary but the result would be constant)

Hot-Gas reheat is available many of our products by Addison, United Cool Air, Geocomfort, and more.



Learn About ACT
Besides Energy recovery with a supply and exhaust stream, a Heat Pipe wraparound loop can use the sensible heat to do reheat for make-up air applications. Sandwich a cooling coil with 2 connected coils running before that Cooling coil and after. Those coils are filled with individual tubes of refrigerant that will migrate from the warm side to the cold side with simple thermodynamics; no compressor is used. There is a natural delta before and after the cooling coil which causes reheat and precool, similar to the subcooling description above. Using heat from the process for reheat creates a super efficient process!Component can be installed in a new HVAC unit or retrofitted into existing. ACT offers capacity control with fixed flow orifices or solenoid valves!
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