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Have An Application Where You Need An Indoor Air Cooled OR Water Cooled Condensing Unit?

While We Can Offer You the Evaporator/AHU, If You Have A Specific Air Handler,

Let Us Match It With An Indoor Condensing Unit!

  • Indoor Condensing Units Utilize Centrifugal Blowers to Draw Air In and Out
  • Our Indoor Condensing Units Have Cabinet Configurations for Ceiling Hung or Floor Hung Applicationsunited cool air condensing unit
  • Allow Us To Provide The Evaporator (AHU) Or We Can Match Yours To Our Indoor Condensing Unit
  • Factory Installed Refrigerant Specialties for Long Line Applications Available
  • Indoor Condensing Units Can Be Water Cooled Too!
  • Indoor Condensing Units Are Available In Capacities 1-35 tons +
  • Multiple Independent Circuits Can Be Matched To Multiple Evaporators with Separate Controls
  • Indoor Condensing Units With Variable Capacity Compressors Are Available!
  • Premium Flooded Condensers allow True Low Ambient Cooling (-30F), Air Cooled Indoor Condensing Units
  • Choice of Water Regulating Valves for Low Condenser Water Temperatures, Water Cooled Indoor Condensing Units
  • Indoor Condensers also available (compressor-less)

Click Here if you want us to provide the whole package (indoor package or indoor split)