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Applications That An All Indoor Solution Maybe Perfect:c-13

  • Long Refrigerant Runs
  • No Acceptable Place to Put an Outdoor Condensing Unit/Packaged rooftop unit
  • Security Issues With Unit Outside
  • High-Rise Buildings Where a Shaft Would Be Prohibitive

Our Indoor Air Cooled Units Would Be Ideal as the Unit Utilizes a Centrifugal Blower to Draw Condenser Air In and Out. Only a Louver Would Be Required to the Outside.


Our Indoor Water Cooled Units Would Be Ideal as a Central Tower, Fluid Cooler or Geothermal Field can Eliminate Multiple Condensing units


We offer the following:

  • Modular Design to Rig Into Spaces with 36” Openings While Keeping Its Chargeuca vertical indoor package
  • Vertical or Horizontal Layout
  • Heat Pump
  • Variable Capacity Compressors
  • Constant volume, VAV, 100 OA conditioning
  • Choice of Heat
  • Mechanical cooling down to -30F with our high end flooded condenser option (Air Cooled) or Water Regulating Valve (Water Cooled)


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