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Since 1986 the Arctic Chiller Group has been building Built to Order Premium Chillers for all industries, from 2  to 1400 ton units. Engineered Air Solutions is Your Local Dealer for Full support from fielding your technical questions, parts and service and all post support.

While all chillers maintain constant temperature for a system, many aspects must be considered for it to work properly for process. The ArctiChill units can maintain precise water temperatures utilizing premium capacity control options and hydronic specialties.

The ArctiChill units offer the following:

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  • Packaged Air Cooled, Air Cooled Split Chillers, and Water-Cooled Models. We can also match water cooled units to fluid coolers.

    stainless steel process chiller with ultraquiet package

  • Compressor Options: Scroll, Variable Capacity Compressor and Turbocor oil-less magnetic compressors are available. Redundant refrigeration circuits,  N+1 Systems and other redundant considerations are available.
  • Head Pressure control. Our chillers can run 24/7/365 days, from under 0F to 100+F ambient. Premium flooded condensers (condensers are filled with refrigerant to guarantee the proper head pressures at sub-freezing conditions) are a standard option.
  • Pump and Piping packages. We can furnish installed  single or lead/lag pumps, pressurized reservoir, glycol feeders and all the required sensors for optimum operation.
  • Fresh Water or Gylcol systems available to match your application
  • Controls. We offer a full “English” display to offer full system status as well as minor alarms major alarms. BMS interfaces available in all the common protocols (BacNet, Lon, Modbus, Etc)
  • Efficiency. ArcticChill offers the lowest KW/ton in the industry. Consider TurboCor or modulating compressors and the part load IPLV will provide impressive ROI compared to less expensive or your existing models.
  • High end construction. Welded painted frame, aluminum cabinet, superior accessibility for service and more.

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