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As the energy codes get more stringent, the need arises for premium effectiveness energy recovery equipment. Tempeff addresses this issue with 90% effective energy recovery with its unique dual core technology.

The Principle of function is as follows: Warm air being exhausted will pass through a heat exchanger for about 60 seconds through the exhaust air stream, heating that exchanger. After 60 seconds, the outdoor air will hit the heat exchanger and extract the heat. At this time the exhaust air is exhausting through a second plate, heating that exchanger. At 60 seconds it changes again.

This means of reverse flow allows the direction of air to go in and out. As a result, the heat exchanger will be SELF CLEANING & NEVER REQUIRES DEFROST!

How? if you look below each heat exchanger will pull air in our exhaust air out. So, particulates pulled in will be blown out 60 seconds later. The exhaust air from the space will always keep the plates warm as well.

Here is what makes them different:

Std HRV:

Energy is transferred in “real time”


Energy is stored and discharged as each heat exchanger  acts like a heat synch

Here is a “prettier” way of showing it:

Notice the Left Vs. Right Schematic. The OA in and Supply are the same. When the Damper changes, each Exchanger switches from Heating up to Cooling Down!

The dampers move via a dc brake motor which rotates every 60 seconds:

Being the Northeast has more bin hours of heating vs cooling energy costs saving are significant in the following applications:

Bus Garages



At 90% effectiveness, it is very possible to only have 5-10 degree difference between the space temperature and supply air in the winter (ie 72 Exhaust, 63 supply). With no downtime for defrost, this temperature is constant post heating may not be required (ask about Canadian project that at -30F, they still delivered 63F air, not requiring add’l heat as the internal load took care of the rest). As a backup, with such little required heat (10-15 delta T) you may opt for electric as it is a competitive option in this case.

See below for our Unit Rated at 5000 cfm with the Dual Core Plus Option:

RG 5500 Supply Air Exhaust Air Imbalance
Core air volume, SCFM 6000 6000 0%
Core air velocity, FPM 382 382
Core pressure drop, “wc 0.75 0.75
DB temp °F WB temp °F Humidity gr/lb Enthalpy BTU/lb Core Efficiency
Summer Outdoor air 95.0 75.0 98.5 38.3 Sensible 76.5%
Space exhaust air 75.0 62.5 64.4 28.1 Latent 56.8%
Supply air 79.7 67.1 79.1 31.5 Total 66.3%
Winter Outdoor air 0.0 0.0 5.5 0.8 Sensible 88.7%
Space exhaust air 70.0 53.0 32.7 21.9 Latent 63.4%
Supply air 62.1 46.7 22.7 18.4 Total 83.6%
Supply Air Exhaust Air
Winter Required BHP 3.5 3.1
Motor efficiency 91.0% 91.0%
Motor heat (°F) 1.5 1.1
  • Units can be Indoor or outdoor
  • Units can be sold as a complete AHU or just the module to mate to anothers HVAC System (or retrofit)

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