Who we are:

A few years ago Kevin Fitzpatrick and Randy Sapoff got together and realized that the HVAC industry was missing something: A Unique company consisting of individuals who are willing to take the time to solve unique problems.

Perhaps it was solving a Humidity Problem, Or a noise Issue, Or there was a crazy Budget or Time Constraint. We look at the Whole System and all the parties concerns.

By Being a Smaller, More Nimble Company, We Work With Our Factories Who Have Our Back To Make Our Customers And Ourselves Look Good.

Meet Our Team

Dennis Dibsie
Our newest member, Dennis has been in technical sales for over 10 years and is a master of multitasking and solving problems
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Earning his engineering degree while serving in the Merchant Marines, Kevin is well disciplined and detail oriented
Phil Nicholson
Phil has been in the industry for decades and has become our hydronic and Infrared Heat Champion as well as our in-house fabric duct expert (but knows a lot more!)
Randy Sapoff
In the business starting in the attics installing residential systems during his summers in engineering school, takes pride in asking questions and being 1 step ahead of any problems.
Jay Thaker
Our most seasoned Sales Engineer (over 40 years!) is our guru in Outlets, Fans, Louvers and more from his migration from Associated Air in 2015
Veronica Valentine
Our dedicated inside Sales person who is our spare set of hands to help with your calls, our projects and in collecting our fare!