If It’s Not A Standard Rooftop Unit Or VRF, Likely We Have Something For You (Including the Equipment Support Rails and Pipe Portals)!

Air Curtains8-80 Feet Doors!
Untreated and Heat Options
Air HandlersSimple Blower Coils
Modular AHU
Vertical, Horizontal
Fully Custom Units
Explosion Proof Class 1, Div ! available
Air Rotation UnitsVertical Air Rotation Units
Heat/Cool/Humidity control
Up to 200k cfm
Guaranteed Performance
Built to order
Make-Up Air Units
Blower CoilsFlexible Heat/Cool Options
Mixing Box
Paint Option
ChillersTurbocor Centrifugal Air Cooled & Water Cooled
Process Chillers
Available Pump Packages & Piping Specialties (expansion tanks, glycol feeders, etc)
Custom Features
Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Remote condenser, Indoor/Outdoor Geothermal and Cogen
Classroom Vertical Indoor Package UnitsIndoor/ Outdoor
Air Cooled/ Water Cooled
Cabinet Options
Control Options
CoilsBooster and replacement
Fully custom casings, circuitry and construction
CW, HW, STM, DX, Evap Condensing coils
Heat Pipe
Condensing Units (indoor)Indoor centrifugal
Modular condensing units
Dry R-22, R-407C, R410, Custom circuitry
Condensing Units (Outdoor)Digital Compressors
Heat Pumps
Hot Gas Reheat
ControlsAll BacNet Ready:
Simply VAV (VVT Systems)
Dampers & LouversMotorized, Manual, Remote operated Dampers
Louvers 2",4", 6", drainable, Rain Driven, More
Multiple Construction & Color Options
Quick Ships Available
DehumidifiiersCommercial and Light
Industrial Desiccant
Mechanical Dehumidifiers Utilizing Modulating Hot-Gas Reheat
Heat Pipe Wrap-Around With Optional Active & Passive control Options
Indoor/Outdoor; Components Only Or Complete Packages
Off-The-Shelf Units
100% Outside Air DOAS UnitsRoof Mounted Package Units
Indoor Packaged Units
Indoor Water Cooled Units
Split Systems

Low Dew Point Discharge
Hot-Gas Reheat Option
Modulating Gas
Quick Ship Options
DiffusersContractor and Premium Grade
Custom Options (Dimension, Color, Material)
Quick-Ship Options
Duct SilencersDuct Silencers
Acoustical Panels
Acoustic Louvers
Electric HeatDuct Heaters
Cabinet Heater, Unit Heater, Baseboard
Energy RecoveryHeat Pipe
Energy Recovery Ventilators and Air Handling Units
Indoor/Outdoor; Component or complete package
Small Core HRV& ERV
Fabric DuctChoice of Color
Never "Deflates"
Upto 72" Diameter, Plus
FansUpblast, Downblast, Side Wall, Inline, Ceiling
, Vehicle Exhaust Fans, HVLS ,Spark Proof ECM
Fan Coil And Blower CoilDirect Drive, PSC & ECM
Concealed or Exposed
Belt Drive Option
Choice of Heat
Choice of Controls
Quick Ship Options
Fin-Tube Radiation & Hydronic Heat Runtal Architectual
Traditional Fin-Tube
Radiant Panels
Unit Heaters, Convectors
FIre and Smoke DampersClass 1, Class 2
Static or Dynamic
Electronic & Pneumatic
Quick Ships Available
Gas Detection SystemsCombustible Gases
Poisonous Gases
Code Compliance
Individual or System
HumidifiersCanisters, Resistive, Steam to Steam
Ultrasonic, Air/Pneumatic, High Pressure water
Low absorption manifolds built to order
Self contained room distributing units
Humidifier quick ship program (5 days!)
HVLS- Large Industrial Paddle Fans ("High Volume, Low Speed")Direct Drive w/ECM
Choice Of Controller
Light/Easy To Install
Infrared HeatLow & high Intensity
Economy and Premium Efficiency Models
Gas, Electric
Indoor Package UnitsPremium Indoor Horizontal/Vertical Packaged Units
Water Cooled, Air Cooled, Heat Pump

Completely Modular
Indoor Condensing Units (Upto 40 Tons)
Precision Cooling
Water Cooled Floor By Floor VAV Units
Make-Up Air Units
Catalogue or Custom
Make-up Dryer Vents
Parts- OEM
Roof Rails And Pipe Portals4 Pocket, 5 Pocket and Trough Style Multiple
Quantity Discounts
Canted, Uncanted
Custom Products
Finished Roof Stands (Protects Roof Warranty, No Flashing)
Thermal DiffusersPassive (Non-Powered)
Active (WIth Wireless Remote)
Water Source Heat Pumps.5 ton-30
modular types
Built to order options: water side economizers, condenser water reheat, hot-gas reheat, digital compressors
Make-up Air WSHP
Water To Water
VAV BoxesChoice Of Heat
Choice Of Controls (Including Self-Contained BMS Ready)
Choice Of Insulation
Quick Ship Options
Custom Options
Vehicle ExhaustExtended Hose Reel
Fume Hood Exhaust
Dust Collectors
American Made