While Atmospheric Humidifiers (Resistive and Canisters) Produce Pure H20 especially if using city water with chlorinated water, Clean Steam Humidifiers Refer to Steam to Steam Generators.

If A Building Is Using A Main Steam Boiler (For Building Heat as An Example), The Steam Produced Will Have Chemicals Inside Which Are A Result From Boiler Maintenance (Cleaners, etc). For a Closed Loop Radiator It Is Not An Issue.

A Steam To Steam Generator is a Heat Exchanger Which Will Transfer the High Pressure Steam Energy to Boil Atmospherically House Water To Essentially Produce The Clean Steam, Hence The Name.

You Gain The Advantage Of Not Requiring a Lot Of Power, and Taking Advantage Of The (Typically) Natural Gas Cost Of Producing House Steam.

You Still Typically Use 1 Generator To One Grid. You Also Will Not Need Valves And Other Piping Specialties Required Of Direct Injected Steam On The Process side (ie, If You Didn’t Need A Clean Steam Generator)

Applications For Clean Steam:

  • Hospitals and Health Careclean stem generator
  • Cleanroom
  • Process

Our Offering:

  • 3 Cabinet Sizes handling 5-15 PSI Source
  • Stainless Or Copper Heat Exchanger
  • Capacities Up To 1100#/hr
  • Flexible Dispersion Options including Low Cost Wands and Short Absorption Manifolds

Clean Steam Generator Data Sheet

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