Allow Engineered Air Solutions experience working with different industries to guide you with the right product. Here is just a small list:

HealthcareHumidifiers- clean steam, generators
Indoor packaged precision cooling with high static capability (2-10+ tons)
Complete custom Air Handling units shipped with piping and controls for limited downtime for time critical spaces
Desiccant dehumidifiers for quick drying after a wash down
Process chillers
Trim heat
Baseboard And Runtal
Manufacturing/WarehouseAir rotation- heating/cooling/humidity control offer cost effective means without ductwork in high ceiling open areas
Process chillers with pump packages and holding tanks
Desiccant dehumidifiers for RH control and/or quick drying after a wash down
Ultra-Sonic humidifiers for instant-on and precision applications; low maintenance
Infrared Heat- Low Cost Installation and Operation, heats the surface not the air
Air Curtains
High Volume Low Velocity Fans
Fabric Duct
Residential High Rise and HotelBaseboard And Runtal
Corridor MUA units
Indoor Pool HVAC Units
Fan Coil And Blower Coil
Retro FitsFan Coil And Blower Coil
Air Handlers and indoor packaged units to fit through tight spaces (ie, 36" doorway)
Modular chillers
SchoolsVertical Classroom Indoor package units with available hot-gas reheat and energy recovery
Energy recovery packaged units
Wall mounted packaged HVAC units
Fan-Coil units and Blower Coils
Sound Attenuators
Baseboard And Runtal
Premium Packaged Rooftops with High Outside Air, Dehumidification, DDC Controls
Single Phase ApplicationsChillers- multiple 5 hp compressors and modules
Indoor Package Unit-
Desiccant Dehumidifiers