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As Buildings Need More Specialized Requirements Without Extra Budget To Spare, The Demand For Flexible Semi-Custom Equipment Becomes Imperative

There are Rooftop Units, Semi-Custom Rooftop Units and Custom Rooftops. As Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, and Control requirements (to name a few) become more of a driving force in our business, tough decisions need to be made. Do you design/install off the shelf units and field install controls, bolt on energy recovery units and even modify the HVAC unit for capacity control? Do you start with a blank sheet of paper and deal with the high cost, complication and extended fabrication time of a custom unit?

Over the last 20 years the industry has seen the rise of premium semi-custom Rooftop packaged units. It started with 1 brand, who used the mass market appeal of fixed cabinets and mixing/matching of fans, compressors and options to make a matrix of over 100,00o combinations of a unit. This method to market proved positive and over the past few years other brands hit the market with the “me-too” approach.


Why is Addison Different? 

Using Engineered Air Solutions experience and customer service in this field should be reason enough! However, Addison offers many options that exceed the competition.

See Below Options:

  • Horizontal Discharge with Gas Heat (Vertical available)

  • 95% Efficient Burners (80% also available)

  • Spring, Rubber Or Rigid mount Fans

  • Air Foil, Plenum and BI Fans

  • VFD and ECM Fans

  • Low Sound Condenser Fans

  • Piezo Ring Air Flow

  • The outside is rated with 10,000 hours of salt spray paint. Interior cabinet and components are painted tooMotorized Dampers on Exhaust to Meet Air Stack requirements of high rise buildings

  • Control Options include: Mount and Wire 3rd Party Controls, Factory Packaged DDC controls with BMS Interface, and Terminal Strips for Field Installed Controls

  • Integral Energy Recovery with NovelAire Molecular Sieve Wheels

  • Single and Full Modulating Compressor Options

  • Enhanced Modulating Hot-Gas Reheat Options utilizing Sub-Cooling Coils (Why does it Matter? Its a Big Deal; white paper coming soon)

  • CAV, VAV, Heat Pump, 100% MUA

  • Single Zone VAV and our Class Leading Linear Capacity Option (allows the best control at lower air flows)

  • Full range of Corrosion Protection: coils, cabinetry, enhanced paint

  • Water Cooled and Water Source Heat Pump Options

  • Cabinet modifications and Refrigerant specials

all these options while still being competitive! 

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