Project Description

Raritan Valley Medical CentetRecently an engineer was required to do a surgical suite with spaces requiring about 2000 cfm. The application required temperature and humidity control. Problem was they were limited in space, it needed to be DX and there was a significant distance between the evaporator and condenser locations. In addition, final filters required a higher static on the system.

We solved their requirements with our horizontal Magnacool unit. Available up to about 5500 cfm, this unit offers heating, cooling, reheat dehumidification and an integral humidifier with distributor. The unit was configured with an air-foil fan to do up to 3” esp and full DDC controls including a BMS interface card. The long line was addressed with factory installed refrigerant specialties such as liquid line solenoid, receiver tank, accumulator, quench valve, oil separator and receiver tank to allow mechanical cooling all year round with the safety of a long refrigerant run.

Problem solved…

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