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What Is A Humidity Problem?


What is a humidity problem? Over the years, as our firm gains a presence in the humidity control discipline of HVAC applications, we are constantly being called in for having a “humidity problem”. Funny thing is this phrase surfaces to describe a variety of problems which are quite different. These different issues can be addressed [...]

What Is A Humidity Problem?2019-12-10T03:27:57+00:00

Good, Better, Best of Dehumidification


The Good, Better, Best of Dehumidification It is understood that at any point air will have a specific quality in terms of temperature and humidity. If you look at a psychometric chart, the dry bulb, web bulb and its associated dew point, relative humidity and vapor pressures can be determined. (Feel free to read psychometrics for [...]

Good, Better, Best of Dehumidification2019-12-10T03:27:57+00:00

Warehouse, Manufacturing and Distribution HVAC Design


Things to Consider While a large open “simple” box may seem simple, there are items to consider to meet the intent and installed budget for this kind of building. Unlike a typical residential or commercial space with 8-12 foot ceilings, it is not uncommon for warehouses to stock product up to 40 feet in the [...]

Warehouse, Manufacturing and Distribution HVAC Design2019-12-10T03:27:57+00:00

Psychometrics for the Common Man


Ever wonder why water beads on the side of a cold drink in the summer but not the winter? Ever wonder why its so dry in the winter, even though there is snow on the ground? The reason is “simple” and the science behind it is called psychometrics, and this short paper is to give [...]

Psychometrics for the Common Man2019-12-10T03:30:41+00:00

HVLS 101


The HVLS Fan or Industrial Ceiling Fan (or Large Paddle Fan) is in a category of its own. The beauty of what it offers is a lot of air movement using less pieces. Before this type of fan, the use of large number of smaller fans would be used to accomplish the same goal. Considering the [...]

HVLS 1012019-12-10T03:27:57+00:00

How To Remedy A “Cheap” Indoor Pool HVAC System


SUMMARY: Pools require 24/7 Temperature & Humidity Control. In many cases the heating and cooling is okay but the dehumidification is a problem. Using a small dehumidifier may be the best option as opposed to replacing the entire HVAC system. Unlike a space where comfort is the goal, an indoor pool is an environmental application, [...]

How To Remedy A “Cheap” Indoor Pool HVAC System2019-12-10T03:27:58+00:00

VAV Vs VVT For Zoning Systems


There are many reasons why zoning is required for any space. A two story home having two split systems is the simplest example: During the day, you put the upstairs in occupied setback (ie, 10 degrees cooler in the winter, 10 degrees warmer in summer) and at night it would be reversed. This logic increases [...]

VAV Vs VVT For Zoning Systems2019-12-10T03:27:58+00:00

Louver and Damper FAQ


Selecting Louvers and Dampers Many of us have been selecting Louvers and Dampers out of habit without remembering the basics and this little piece is a refresher. The purpose of the Louver is to have an aesthetically pleasing interface to allow air  into (or out of) the building while keeping “non-air out” (ie, birds, bugs, [...]

Louver and Damper FAQ2019-12-10T03:28:15+00:00

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