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Fan Coils and Blower Coils have saved the day over the years as they are small in size and extremely nimble.

Choices include:

  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Cfm from 200-1200 (0.5 ton to 3 ton nominal)
  • Exposed (painted finished cabinet with grille) or concealed
  • Cooling only, Heating Only, Cooling and Heating
  • Choice of Cooling: DX, Chilled Water
  • Choice of heating: Hot Water, Steam, Electric
  • Allow us to assist in the valve package!
  • Choice of voltage: 115, 208, 277
  • Choice of controls: Line voltage, Low Voltage, Wireless, BMS ready, Wifi ready; Unit Mounted or remote

Units are quiet as they are direct drive.

  • PSC or ECM motors are available

What exactly is a blower coil?

Blower coils fit in the space between a simple fan coil unit and a more complicated air handling unit. Units are typically ducted and belt drive. 3 phase power is available. Air Flow from 500-10,000 cfm

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