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In yet another gap filled due to popular request, Engineered Air Solutions has the ability to serve your hydronic heat applications (Sales, Design and support) with Baseboard, Unit Heaters, Radiant Panels and Convectors!

While many of the products listed below are normally hot water or steam, should the heat required be electric we can do that with our electric heat manufactures.


We Have Multiple Choices To Meet The Application, Architectural Requirements, Time Restraints And Budget. Below Is A List Of Premium To Commercial Grade


Runtal offers their unique one-piece hydronic system which installation-wise is simply mount the system in the space and hook your heat source (Hot Water, Steam or Electric). Capacity per foot options vary to fit and look right. Lengths can go as high as 20 feet, although you can splice multiple pieces to specific lengths as required.

Did you know that Runtal can provide curved lengths of Hydronic Radiation?!

For a blend of economics but more high end we also offer Sterling traditional fin-tube radiation in an architectural arrangement. While the Fin-Tube inside is similar to our commercial series, the cover is high end extruded aluminum with choice of color, height and width.

For commercial spaces where cost and lead time is of issue we offer Sterling Commercial Grade. Performs as well as the choices above but the cover is punched heavy grade painted steel but built to withstand the public.

 Any Choice You Go With Has The Flexibility Of:

  • Capacity with multiple tubes, larger tubes, fin per inch (fpi)
  • Made to order Length, depth and height. An enclosure can go wall to wall but a fraction of fin can be inside in order to match the required capacity and look.
  • Covers choices include color, gauge and material
  • New Covers can be installed without replacing the fin below. In some cases this can be done without even changing the brackets!
  • Custom enclosures are always an option. This can used for the whole project, risers or even to cover abandoned fin or wall openings.
  • Radiators can be floor mounted or wall mounted

Want Heat From Above? Radiant Panels! Similar In Concept to Infrared Heat, Heat Beams From The Ceiling To Occupants Below, Without Consuming Floor Space Or Getting The Damage Seen In High Traffic Areas.

Also Available To Complement The Baseboard Package For Hydronic Applications:

  • Unit Heaters, again for hot water, steam and electric
  • Explosion Proof Unit Heaters Installed in Class I, Div 1 Spaces
  • Cabinet Heaters
  • Convectors

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