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 “The Beauty Of Infrared Heat Is That It Heats The Surface And NOT Directly The Air”

On a sunny winter day, the ambient temperature is cold but you feel the heat rays warming you from the sun. That, is what infrared heat is. Infrared heat is available in High Intensity (Smaller Footprint) or Low Intensity (Long Tube) and is typically gas, although electric is available. Units can be installed indoors or outdoors; perimeter heat or heating the whole space.

“When You Heat The Surface And Not The Air, You Create A Flywheel Affect”

Consider a warehouse where the dock doors are always open. Using a unit heater, it will constantly run to heat the ambient air which quickly dissipates, deeming it ineffective. If you heat the surfaces, the people will feel the rays of the heat and the floor will absorb the heat. When those dock doors close, the floor will radiate the heat to the area around the strike zone, constantly producing a warming affect.

“Heating The Surface, and Not The Surroundings = Less Heat Required”

Infrared Heat has been around the 1930’s and studies have confirmed that the minimum radiant efficiency of 35% will allow a IR heater to be sized at 15% less than a comparable forced air unit. Noting Schwank’s products exceed 35% (50% for our contractor grade model, up to 81% for our premium product), we can provide units requiring as little as 58.5% of the net input required when compared to a forced air heater.

Infrared Comparison





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High Intensity (Luminous Heaters)

81% Radiant Efficient
Most Efficient Heater in North America
67% Radiant Efficient
High Return on Investment
50% Radiant Efficient
Entry Level Model








  Low Intensity (Tube Heaters)

62% Radiant Efficiency
Most Efficient Tube Heater in North America
High Efficiency Tube Heater
Includes Pre-Installed Igniter
Most Economical Tube Heater
Also Available in 2-Stage Model







Car Wash Heater
Moisture Resistant Burner Enclosure
Pre-Assembled Garage Heater
Includes 24V Thermostat









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