Ultrasonic Humidifiers use small disks to vibrate at exceptional speeds in a pan of water tohumidifirst ultrasonic create a fine mist. This mist will use the energy in the air to absorb into the air. This is called
an adiabatic process.

  • Because it uses the heat in the air, it does not require the energy to boil (which is an isothermal humidifier- canisters and resistive); this allows LEED points and only require 115 volt power in many cases
  • Ultrasonics DO NOT REQUIRE EXTERNAL FANS, so it can be self contained (they can be installed in
    an ahu, however)MP 15 rear side view
  • Ultrasonics have exceptionally small droplet size so it can have a low absorption distance
  • Ultrasonics have the precise ability to modulate output as the number of oscillating disks can be changed at any given time
  • To avoid any sedimate (white film), units do come with a water treatment feature (or furnished by others)
  • Ultrasonics require minimum service and it wastes very little water



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