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Engineered Air Solutions have a long history of representing our current brands and some of competitors in years past. As a result we have the experience and contacts of trends from the 1970’s to today. Being we have a full variety of products, we can be unbiased to help you select the right product to meet the application on budget. ENERGY WHEEL ONLY: We can get the wheel itself  with NovelAire who uses corrugated 4Å molecular sieve wheel. Lots of choices and flexibility in size, performance and orientation. This type of wheel is able to self-clean as the exhaust fan blowing in the opposite direction from the supply will blow contaminates out. A Molecular Sieve wheel is different from the silica impregnated plastic type of wheel as the tiny slits only allow moisture to carry through, and not smells which can happen as the silica absorbs “everything”. Being unbiased, we will say that the silica wheel, as it is less expensive may be fine for your project and we can source that as well. HEAT PIPE ONLY Advanced Cooling technologies uses its NASA and Military experience to the HVAC field with unique actively and passively controlled energy recovery units. COMPLETE UNIT: Lifebreath, Marcraft, Addison and Tempeff

  • Indoor, outdoor,
  • 50 cfm-100,000+
  • Wheel, Heat Pipe, Crossflow Heat Exchanger, Glycol Loop
  • Choice Of Heat Options (Gas, Electric, HW, Steam, Air and Water Source Heat Pump)
  • Choice Of Cool Options (Packaged DX, DX split, Chilled Water)
  • Desiccant dryer section
  • Heat Pipe wrap-around
  • Semi- Fully Custom options
  • Explosion Proof, Class 1, Div1 with all the components installed (lights, actuators, motors, etc)
  • Complete Control Options
  • Service Vestibules
  • Complete Piping Packages for Chilled Water, Hot Water Units

Have You Seen This? The United Cool Air Alpha Air Unit.  A Unique Approach for providing an all Indoor Approach providing the usual OA/EA/RA/SA (Outside, Exhaust, Return, Supply Air Connections), but provides neutral dehumidified air 365 days a year using a compressor as an air cooled heat pump! Click Here!