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Should you have a situation where sound levels are an issue, give us a call…

While there are things that can be done through routine practice (duct insulation, added elbows, outlet and unit location), sometimes you will need a little more help: 

A Sound Trap (or Duct Silencer, Different Name for the same product) will effectively weaken the noise energy of the Air Movement and Fan by introducing resistance to the incoming sound waves. While it is perceived that Sound Traps add a lot of Air Pressure Drop to the systems, there are tricks to get it low enough that the sound trap makes sense. Inside, the Sound trap is effectively a baffle (filled with a choice of insulation, including no insulation). Pottorff can arrange the number, size and length of the sound trap to match the need of the application. So, a 120″ sound trap could actually be  replicated in a 60″ sound trap. Please review the links through out the page or contact us for a job specific sound trap.




The above are built to order in variations on Length, Duct Dimension, Fill and external construction to meet Your Application.

CROSSTALK SILENCERS: economical noise control at transfer ducts between acoustically sensitivenoise72 spaces

ENCLOSURE PANELS & ENCLOSURES Literal walls to encompass any device or space that sound levels need to be dampened.

ACOUSTICAL LOUVERS: Built to order inlet or exhaust with choice of finish that provide low static losses and reliable sound reduction

Allow us to do the required calculations for you to solve your acoustical needs

Allow us to do the required calculations for you to solve your acoustical needs