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For vehicle maintenance, the trend of large open areas to carry multiple vehicles as opposed to multiple bay doors is becoming more common. It’s a better experience for the consumer and for firunderfloorms who are trying to hold on to qualified mechanics as the entire space can be temperature controlled. With multiple bays opening and closing it is near impossible to keep conditioned air in but with car exhaust, a proficient means of getting the pollutants out is a must.

Ventaire offers a full line of hose reel exhaust systems which allows a hose to go right into the vehicles ta
il pipe to protect the space occupants. Hoses are rated for higher temperatures and different configurations are available.

Applications include:

  • Car dealerships
  • Bus garages
  • Manufacturing
  • Labs/Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

Products include:

  • Overhead
  • Hose Reel (motorized and manual)
  • Under Floor
  • Welding Arm Ventilation

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