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As Energy Recovery Becomes More Common, A Need For Smaller Incremental Units Becomes Evident.

Enter Lifebreath, A company who has made 50-2500 cfm ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) and HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) for decades for others and made a corporate decision to market their own product under their own label. Engineered Air Solutions, who knows energy recovery is the right partner. We have learned and encourage conversation with the HVAC community. Applications that these units are perfect for:

  • Outside Air tempering for VRF. This type of unit is flexible but is not typically good at treating the outside air. Using a Lifebreath ERV or HRV will temper the outside air to allow the indoor units to run smoothly
  • Outside Air tempering for any unitary product. We have seen these units used in light commercial spaces where residential equipment is used, i.e., furnaces, split systems, PTAC’s, water source heat pumps, etc
  • Meeting the new NJ energy code for multifamily apartments. We have been told by our engineers that simply pressurizing the hallways and allowing undercut doors to fulfill the outside air requirements is simply not good enough. Using a small METRO120, which fits between the ceiling rafters in every space will bring in the required cfm, tempered, to meet code and comfort unilaterally.

Why Lifebreath

We are an unbiased resource for you! Because we have multiple sources and energy recovery media, we can be truthful in giving the pros and cons for any particular product or application.

So What Is The Difference Between HRV And ERV? Why This Product Over The Others (Wheel, Cross Plate, Heat Pipe)?

For smaller sizes, the most competitive option is the fixed core, and its similar to a fixed plate heat exchanger (although a different material). An HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) does not transfer humidity but typically has outstanding effectiveness. At smaller cfm, the gain in heat transfer overshadows the lack of latent capacity. The footprint of the Lifebreath Unit is also much smaller than other technologies.


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