Project Description

In the beginning of October, we shipped our first of 16 water cooled VAV replacement units for an existing building in New Brunswick. The owner wanted to swap the old to new as soon as possible and there was a challenge getting it into a high rise building downtown. They entertained breaking the side wall and using a crane. They entertained many brands, including one which built a low cost water cooled unit, but would have to be completely broken down at a local rigger and reassembled on site, taking 3 weekends, start to finish, according to its vendor.

Our solution? The United Cool Air EZ-Fit. Up to 70 tons which ships in sections to fit through a 36” door and a standard elevator. Using our exclusive quick interconnect fittings, the condensing and evaporator sections are separated by a re-sealable fitting which keeps the refrigerant charge. One condenser water feed, one power connection, one set of controls. The old unit was pulled out on Friday afternoon, the new unit was rigged and installed on Saturday and the unit was started up on Sunday.

Using our flexible design, the unit was built, per the owner’s direction with closed cell insulation in the fan and compressor section (for sound) and the coil section was true double wall. Welded base, resilient mounted motors, water side economizers, DDC controls were a start of the list of features for this premium built unit. The factory’s “open door” policy and eastern PA proximity allowed the owner to check out the unit before it shipped to give everyone the confidence ahead of time.

The feedback we got back was unanimous- the contractor appreciated the ease of installation and time saved, the engineer acknowledged the unit’s flexibility and the owner was ecstatic of how quiet the unit is.

The next units are shipping soon…



in a few hours all the sections were brought into the mechanical space; here a coil section was mated to the condenser and the quick connects saved hours of time for not needing to charge the unit as it was already done at the factory!