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Louver and Damper FAQ


Selecting Louvers and Dampers Many of us have been selecting Louvers and Dampers out of habit without remembering the basics and this little piece is a refresher. The purpose of the Louver is to have an aesthetically pleasing interface to allow air  into (or out of) the building while keeping “non-air out” (ie, birds, bugs, [...]

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Chilled Beam, Underfloor, and Lower Dew Point Applications


Engineered Air Solutions offers a complete line of dehumidification products to meet your application and budget. Unbiased white paper on the different types of dehumidification Chilled beams use warmer chilled water and induction to allow an efficient way to provide comfort level without any moving parts. The Major Concern for Chilled Beams is Condensation!  Novelaire [...]

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Basic Pool Design and Layout


While the purpose of this article is to give a good overview, it should not be the sole reference for a complete pool design. If you have noticed excessive corrosion, mold/mildew or strong indoor pool odors inside or outside the pool, taking a look at the following to get some ideas to improve the situation. [...]

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Acoustical Terms and Definitions


Courtesy of Pottorff: Absorption Coefficient (1) Ideally, the randomly incident sound power which is absorbed (or otherwise, not reflected) by a material. (2) A measure of the sound absorptive property of a material as approximated by ASTM C 423. Acoustics (1) The science of sound, including its production, transmission, reception and effects. (2) Of a room, [...]

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