The Flip-Able Duct Heater is now Available from Tutco! 

(E-Series Duct Heater)

Tutco Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of heating components for the appliance and comfort conditioning industries, announces the addition of the Flip-Able Duct Heater. Flip-Able in nature, this re-heat system offers Tutco quality and the convenience of using one heater for multiple positions.

The Tutco Flip-Able Duct Heater can be rotated to fit the requirements and location of the HVAC system. ETL listed, the heater may be used as a stand-alone duct heater. The symmetrical heater also offers lower standard heater wire watt density and higher duct to heat coverage. More high and low kilowatt options are available in all sizes, along with additional multi-stage three phase heaters.
New Options from Tutco:

  • Symmetrically developed design – New heater can be flipped 180° and/or rotated 180°, thus eliminating the need for Right and Left hand versions. This excludes usage of Mercury contactors (unless they are rotated to match the up direction in the field)
  • Better Heater coverage – Defined as the amount of area covered by the heater elements as a function of the Duct height.
  • Lower Coil Watt density – Standard Max. Watt density is 45 W/in2, with the option for 35 and 25 de-rations (where possible).
  • KW offered – New system Design program and method can offer more KW’s than before and in more varied sizes than before.
  • New “High Coverage” heater or “Economy” design option (when available)
    • New option includes “High Coverage” designs intended to cover more duct volume to reduce radiant heat loss and improve efficiency.
    • Or “Economy” fit built to meet your needs with minimum requirements.

Additional options:

  • Cool end “Break Turn” coil design option to lower radiant heat and rear duct temperatures
  • Flat style heater box option, if “L” shape does not fit mounting area available (consult the factory for this option)
  • 6 Coil rows available in the direction of Airflow (used as needed)
  • Heaters available in Slip-in and Flanged mount
  • Top & Bottom mount Heaters can be made available (consult the factory)