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Good, Better, Best of Dehumidification


The Good, Better, Best of Dehumidification It is understood that at any point air will have a specific quality in terms of temperature and humidity. If you look at a psychometric chart, the dry bulb, web bulb and its associated dew point, relative humidity and vapor pressures can be determined. (Feel free to read psychometrics for [...]

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How To Remedy A “Cheap” Indoor Pool HVAC System


SUMMARY: Pools require 24/7 Temperature & Humidity Control. In many cases the heating and cooling is okay but the dehumidification is a problem. Using a small dehumidifier may be the best option as opposed to replacing the entire HVAC system. Unlike a space where comfort is the goal, an indoor pool is an environmental application, [...]

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Chilled Beam, Underfloor, and Lower Dew Point Applications


Engineered Air Solutions offers a complete line of dehumidification products to meet your application and budget. Unbiased white paper on the different types of dehumidification Chilled beams use warmer chilled water and induction to allow an efficient way to provide comfort level without any moving parts. The Major Concern for Chilled Beams is Condensation!  Novelaire [...]

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Desiccant Dehumidification


Commercial Desiccant Units- When is it best? Unlike Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers which are very expensive and in some cases inflexbile, a Commercial Grade Desiccant unit delivers the best performance for many applications without overdoing it which meets the application more precisely in simplicity and cost.   - Low Dewpoints are great for Chilled Beam Applications [...]

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